Sylvania Light Commercial


This comical Sylvania light commercial plays on the fears of ghosts among citizens of Thailand, suggesting that nothing is scary in the light.



Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums

Featuring my exclusive interview with renowned spirit medium, Barb Mallon.



   Spirit mediums date back to early human history. One of the most well known early examples of communicating with the dead is recounted in the Holy Bible: The tale of the Medium of Endor (also referred to as the Witch of Endor).


   In the book of 1 Samuel 28, Saul, King of Israel, sends his servants in search of a medium (the Medium of Endor or, as referred to in Bible text, a woman “that hath a familiar spirit”) in order to contact and seek counsel from the spirit of the slain prophet, Samuel. In this story, Samuel comes forth (Whether it be by physical manifestation or by way of communicating through the medium wasn’t clear in text) and informs Saul that he is doomed in his upcoming war with the Philistines. The next day, King Saul dies in battle along with his sons.


   Today, people seek the services of spirit mediums to communicate with their deceased loved ones, seek counsel from spirits of the dead and angelic entities, confirm possible hauntings, help direct spirits in their “travel” to the “other side”, and, in some cases, to cease spiritual inhabitation of a certain dwelling or area.


   While communication with the dead is no new concept, the spirit mediumship practice has evolved over time. Physical mediumship involves perceptible manifestations such as levitation, knocking, audible voices, or materialized manifestations or spirit bodies. This type of mediumship has grown to be less popular over time. Mental mediumship is the most common form of spirit contact today. Famous spirit mediums of today such as Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, and John Edward are known for this type of ability.


   Where do psychic or spirit mediums get their power or abilities to communicate with spirits of the dead? I asked notable paranormal professional and spirit medium, Barb Mallon this question.


   I don’t like the word ‘power’,” Barb says. “It really isn’t a power, just an ability. Just like you have the ability to raise your right arm or blink. And I believe most DO possess it but forget their abilities around the age of five or six. So, it just lays dormant until one wishes to use it.  It’s always there.”


   With no hard evidence, it is still open to question as to what happens after death. Does the spirit of man still live? Where does it go? Barb tries to shed some light on this:


(Clark): “When a person passes, what is the process? Do they automatically go to Heaven or Hell? Where do they go?”

(Barb): “It depends entirely on their own free will.  When the physical body dies, we shed it, and move into an “etheric body” or body double.  This is how we see many earth-bounds/ghosts who choose not to cross over. They get ‘stuck’ in this body by their own choice.  This is the thickest body next to the physical, which is why ghosts can do more to get our attention and we can see them more strongly than a crossed over spirit person.  IF we choose to cross over, we then shed that etheric body/body double and move into an astral body for a time.  This, so we can evaluate and review what good and not so good we’ve done here, how we can do better next time, what we could have done, how well we did with this or that, etc.  After a period of time, if we choose, we can shed that layer, as well, and step into more celestial bodies, and so on.”

(Clark) “After passing, is the spirit of a person guided by another spirit, by an angel, or some other spiritual being to their next destination?”

(Barb) “I believe so, yes, especially in traumatic situations where a person passes suddenly and may be a bit confused at first about what has happened to them. Sometimes they are met by crossed over loved ones, sometimes by spirit guides of the person, sometimes angels.  It depends on each soul.  Many people who are terminally ill, will see their crossed over loved ones in their hospital room, etc.  I believe we are kind of half here and half there in these kind of situations, and know who we’ll be met by.”

(Clark): “What is the most important thing to remember when a loved one passes?”

(Barb) “That they can hear and see us and don’t want us to carry any kind of guilt or remorse about anything we feel we did or didn’t do enough of for them, etc.  That we can still have a relationship with them, but just in a different way, i.e., as a physical being and a spirit being rather than two physical people here on the earth plane.  That they can hear us when we talk to them in our head or out loud, and, that we don’t die, energy doesn’t die, it just transforms into a different form.”

(Clark) “If you believe in Heaven, where is Heaven?”

(Barb) “I don’t believe Heaven is ONE place, so much, but a level.  I believe that we are pulled to the level there that we were most like here.  I mean that if we are good people and do the best we can, once we cross over, we are pulled to a similar level where we will still learn, evaluate what we’ve done (good and not so good) and then ascend, learn more, etc.  I do believe that a true Heaven comes after many lifetimes of learning, and also in how you ascend on the other side.  The more we ascend there, or the more we strip these physical/ego layers, the closer to “Heaven” we are.”

   Some Christians say that mediumship is strictly forbidden in the Bible. Some believe mediumship is a demonic or satanic practice. However the image portrayed by most psychic mediums today is one of peace, light, and encouragement and, in a way, influences positive ideas about the dead instead of the normal “dark” and scary concepts.

(Clark) “While communicating with the ‘other side’, do you ever feel threatened or scared?”

(Barb) “Never. Remember the Universal Law of Vibration: like attracts like.  I do my best to be as ethical as possible and to conduct readings for the highest good of all involved, so there never is anything scary, energy-wise, that would come back at me.  Plus, crossed over folks are pretty cool: they are not earth-bounds or ghosts who can be full of ego still, so there is a difference there.” 

(Clark) “Are there bad or evil spirits? If so, can they hurt us?”

(Barb) “I don’t believe in evil, but negative, yes.  There are so many levels of these beings, so you really can’t pinpoint it exactly.  Negative or stagnant-wise, we mostly encounter the earth-bounds/ghosts, or the ones who have decided for whatever reason not to cross over.  It’s not that these guys are “evil” or “negative” (some may be close…), just a thicker, more physical energy than crossed over folks.  Sometimes they can push things that may hurt us because they’re a thicker energy, but I don’t believe they can do a lot of damage. We just need to be careful and respectful in their area.  I’ve seen small instances, personally, of little jabs and things, but we always have to remember to remain calm around them, as fear can pump up their energy.  I also feel like if there is a spirit who wants to cause trouble, and they see we aren’t bothered, they get bored and move on.”

(Clark) “What is your drive behind providing the services you provide? Why do you do what you do?”

(Barb) “I love to see a client’s face light up when they recognize a spirit energy or are receiving the essence again of the person they loved so much here in a physical form.  I also love to give the other side a telephone, if you will, to be able to let those here know they are okay there.”

(Clark) “In your career, name one experience that has caused you to feel that the service you provide is worthwhile? What happened?”

(Barb) “I do remember when I was first starting out… I was practicing with a lady who made me a piece of jewelry. I held the jewelry she created, that she touched and worked with using her hands, and suddenly I became very aware of this man who had passed.  I described him and gave the message he said to give, and she started to cry with happiness to hear from this gentleman again.  She understood everything so well, and I was amazed at the process and the amount of joy it brought me as well.  I knew I was on the right path.”

(Clark) “Is there a message you would like to communicate to the public about spirit mediums, the spiritual afterlife, or your occupation in general?”

(Barb) “There are MANY charlatans out there, so be selective when getting a reading.  Be sure to always be an ‘open skeptic’ but not a cynic.  Believe it or not, I’m more skeptical when I get a once a year reading done, because I know exactly what should be happening in a reading. Mostly, it’s best to be referred to a certain medium by someone who has had a good reading/experience.  Also, be sure the medium is presenting the info in a statement form, not question form.  And, it’s great if you come to a reading prepared.  Know how to answer and how NOT to answer (don’t give voluntary info, just yes/no), know a lot about your family history so you can validate info that comes in during the reading, rather than having to go home to figure it out, which is great too, the “after reading validations”, and be open to anyone coming through and what they have to say, not just who you wish to hear from.  It’s best to leave expectations at the door.”

   Those who are interested in contacting Barb Mallon should visit her website at


   You can get information from Barb Mallon on Just search for “Barb Mallon”.


   View my entire un-cut interview with Barb by clicking HERE.


   Special thank you to Barb Mallon!!






   “Being psychic is simply about being aware. Learning to notice all the influences on our life, the subtle energy shifts AND those not so subtle whacks on the head… Everyone uses their psychic abilities every day of their lives. But because we hold a lot of fears about psychic ability, as a species, we generally lack awareness of our inner senses.” – Danielle Daoust, Psychic Medium,



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Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums


I interview nationally renowned spirit medium, Barb Mallon, in my upcoming article, Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums.


Check out some other media interviews, sound bytes, and the Discovery Channel documentary featuring Barb Mallon (shown below). Be sure to check back frequently for the article containing the interview with Barb Mallon, spirit medium, on “Just the Facts, Ma’am”.








An Angel Caught on Tape?

Check this video out. It shows a person washing a school bus. As the person is working, some sort of white, transparent entity shows up. Or is it just some sort of flaw in the film or obstruction on the lens? You decide. It looks as if you can see wings flapping. Take a look…


Do you believe in angels?



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Oil Shale Could Equal up to 100 Years of Oil Production for U.S.

oil shale Oil shale, a natural resource that is plentiful in the United States, could provide relief from high gas prices at the pump. Oil shale is a fine grained sedimentary rock found in major deposits all over the United States of America.

   Oil shale can be burned directly making it a useful energy source. Furthermore, this rock contains kerogen, a chemical that when heated in the absence of oxygen can produce a synthetic crude oil that can be used to produce gasoline.

   There are enough oil shale deposits in the U.S. to, when processed properly, produce enough oil to equal a one hundred year oil supply for the United States. President Bush is calling on Congress to allow the production of oil shale. However, Democrats in Congress are standing in the way of the bill to allow such production.

   Concerned about environmental issues, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted in May 2008 15-14 to kill a bill that would set forth rules regulating oil shale production in the U.S. This will, in turn, extend the moratorium to produce oil shale. Among environmental concerns are waste water management, land use, and air pollution.

Prices at the pump   In an interview conducted by CNN’s Fortune Magazine, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), one of the biggest supporters of oil shale production, stated, “We have as much oil in oil shale in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado as the rest of the world’s oil combined.” Senator Hatch also brought up the point that environmentalists oppose oil shale, but are happy with importing oil from overseas regardless of the fact that shipping the fuel all the way from the middle east leaves “a big greenhouse gas footprint”.

   One of the most prominent opponents of oil shale production is Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO). Although he states that he does not oppose the production of the natural resource in principle, he has voted and has indicated that he intends to continue to vote against the bill. Senator Salazar wants to slow the process down so that environmental concerns are sure to be taken into account first.

   President Bush continues to urge Congress to pass the bill. In a radio address to the nation broadcasted on June 21, 2008, President Bush mentioned the potential energy source as a way to increase domestic oil production and to bring gasoline prices down at the pump.


President Bush addresses the nation about oil prices and resources

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Coming soon are the following articles:

Conversing with the Other Side: Spirit Mediums – Read about spirit mediums, the nature of their jobs, their goals, their experiences, and their advice. In this article, I interview one or more spirit mediums. We’ll get the “low down” from the other side.

The Truth About the True Cross – A lot of contraversy and legend surround the Christian Holy Relic, the True Cross. Gaze into the past with me in search of the true happenings surrounding the origins, the hidings, the many owners, and the current location of the True Cross.

Mysteries of the Knights Templar – In the 14th century A.D., the Pope officially disbanded this religious order. Were they permanently disbanded? Did some of the Knights flee and hide only to resurface under a different name? Were all the members burned at the stake in Paris, France? A look into these questions and more in my upcoming article, Mysteries of the Knights Templar.

Today: Catholicism and Freemasonry

Pope at present time, Pope Benedict XVI   In the late 1730s, the Pope issued a papal bull, In Emenenti Specula, criticizing the Freemasons and condemning members of the church that enrolled in Masonic associations. Set forth in this bull was the consequence for such activity; excommunication. In 1917, the Code of Canon Law maintained that a member of the church that joined the Freemasons were to be excommunicated from the church.

   In 1983, the revised Code of Canon Law indicated that any members of the church that enrolled in Masonic associations were “in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion”. This caused question as to whether or not a member who joined the Freemasons were still subject to excommunication.

   Quaestium est clarified the confusion. It made clear that “the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden.” 

   The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal society, was founded in 1882 as an alternative to freemasonry by Father Michael J. McGivney, a Catholic Priest in New Haven, Connecticut. He believed that by founding this society, it would serve as a venue for men to show and maintian pride in their American-Catholic heritage.

Symbol of the Free and Accepted Masons (Freemasons)   The Free and Accepted Masons will allow Catholic men to join if they so desire. The Freemasons have never restricted the membership by banning Catholics to join. In France, Masonic organizations have organized and voiced opposition to the role of the Catholic church in politics.

   Some who are familiar with the rocky relationship between the Catholic church and the Freemasons say the dilemma is largely due to political precursors and has little to do with the teachings of the Free and Accepted Masons and the doctrine of the Catholic church.

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