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Coming soon are the following articles:

Conversing with the Other Side: Spirit Mediums – Read about spirit mediums, the nature of their jobs, their goals, their experiences, and their advice. In this article, I interview one or more spirit mediums. We’ll get the “low down” from the other side.

The Truth About the True Cross – A lot of contraversy and legend surround the Christian Holy Relic, the True Cross. Gaze into the past with me in search of the true happenings surrounding the origins, the hidings, the many owners, and the current location of the True Cross.

Mysteries of the Knights Templar – In the 14th century A.D., the Pope officially disbanded this religious order. Were they permanently disbanded? Did some of the Knights flee and hide only to resurface under a different name? Were all the members burned at the stake in Paris, France? A look into these questions and more in my upcoming article, Mysteries of the Knights Templar.