My New Opinion Blog, “This and Fifty Cents”

If you’re interested in my opinion, you can visit my new blog entitled “This and Fifty Cents”.

   This blog, “Just the Facts, Ma’am” was created for those who like nothing but the facts. In “This and Fifty Cents”, I express opinions on a lot of the topics you will find on “Just the Facts, Ma’am”.  So, if you enjoy reading the objective opinion of others and leaving your fifty cents, you should visit the new blog at

   Now, I don’t know it all and I don’t want to. However, the things I will write about will be well researched prior to the expression of our opinions. If it is one thing I hate, it is an opinion based on ignorance.

   I hope you enjoy these articles. If you have any suggestions, or wish to express your opinion regarding one of the topics I write about, leave a comment (no ignorance, slander, or foul language, please!)

   Upcoming opinion articles will address the following topics;


   If you are interested in authoring for this blog or for “This and Fifty Cents” (, please contact me at

   I am always open to suggestions and am interested in others opinions. However, my opinion is my opinion and will not change just because my readers or someone else thinks it’s wrong. Remember, what you read on this blog (my opinion) and fifty cents will buy you a Coke.

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