Just the Facts Ma’am

   I have started this web blog with high hopes that the person or persons reading my posts will walk away armed with some new knowledge or opinion on the subjects that I write about. Power stems from the possesion of knowledge and it is hard to form an opinion of the world if you know little about it.

   I pride myself in being an individual with my own opinions. I form my opinions pre-maturely at times. It is only after obtaining knowledge of the subject that I truley feel comfortable with my opinion of it. So prior to forming our opinions, we should all understand the facts. That is the purpose of this blog; to inform you of the facts so that you can form an opinion with a knowledge of the subject. With that said, I feel like a person can never know too much.

   I find interesting and hope to shed more light on the following subjects: Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories, History, Entertainment, Sports, Current Events, and the Unexplainable. Of course, I will not limit myself to just these subjects.

   I hope that everyone will enjoy these posts. They will be family friendly and appropriate for those of all ages. I will not post anything that I wouldn’t want my children reading unless I first warn of its potentially questionable contents.

   By all means, if you dispute the factual basis of these posts, please contact me immediatley. I make every effort to report all subjects in an accurate manner, however everyone makes a mistake here and there.

   So if you like to learn, perhaps I will have something interesting for you to read. If it’s out there, I want to know about it. If it’s out there, I want you to know about it. And remember… if you’re reading my posts, they’re “Just the Facts Ma’am”.