COMING SOON… Spirit Mediums…

Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums


I interview nationally renowned spirit medium, Barb Mallon, in my upcoming article, Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums.


Check out some other media interviews, sound bytes, and the Discovery Channel documentary featuring Barb Mallon (shown below). Be sure to check back frequently for the article containing the interview with Barb Mallon, spirit medium, on “Just the Facts, Ma’am”.









An Angel Caught on Tape?

Check this video out. It shows a person washing a school bus. As the person is working, some sort of white, transparent entity shows up. Or is it just some sort of flaw in the film or obstruction on the lens? You decide. It looks as if you can see wings flapping. Take a look…


Do you believe in angels?



Coming soon…

Coming soon are the following articles:

Conversing with the Other Side: Spirit Mediums – Read about spirit mediums, the nature of their jobs, their goals, their experiences, and their advice. In this article, I interview one or more spirit mediums. We’ll get the “low down” from the other side.

The Truth About the True Cross – A lot of contraversy and legend surround the Christian Holy Relic, the True Cross. Gaze into the past with me in search of the true happenings surrounding the origins, the hidings, the many owners, and the current location of the True Cross.

Mysteries of the Knights Templar – In the 14th century A.D., the Pope officially disbanded this religious order. Were they permanently disbanded? Did some of the Knights flee and hide only to resurface under a different name? Were all the members burned at the stake in Paris, France? A look into these questions and more in my upcoming article, Mysteries of the Knights Templar.

Just the Facts Ma’am

   I have started this web blog with high hopes that the person or persons reading my posts will walk away armed with some new knowledge or opinion on the subjects that I write about. Power stems from the possesion of knowledge and it is hard to form an opinion of the world if you know little about it.

   I pride myself in being an individual with my own opinions. I form my opinions pre-maturely at times. It is only after obtaining knowledge of the subject that I truley feel comfortable with my opinion of it. So prior to forming our opinions, we should all understand the facts. That is the purpose of this blog; to inform you of the facts so that you can form an opinion with a knowledge of the subject. With that said, I feel like a person can never know too much.

   I find interesting and hope to shed more light on the following subjects: Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories, History, Entertainment, Sports, Current Events, and the Unexplainable. Of course, I will not limit myself to just these subjects.

   I hope that everyone will enjoy these posts. They will be family friendly and appropriate for those of all ages. I will not post anything that I wouldn’t want my children reading unless I first warn of its potentially questionable contents.

   By all means, if you dispute the factual basis of these posts, please contact me immediatley. I make every effort to report all subjects in an accurate manner, however everyone makes a mistake here and there.

   So if you like to learn, perhaps I will have something interesting for you to read. If it’s out there, I want to know about it. If it’s out there, I want you to know about it. And remember… if you’re reading my posts, they’re “Just the Facts Ma’am”.